Terms of Use / Refund & Privacy Policy

DomHost Hosting services to its customers for a Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly basis. DomHost shall host Your web site on DomHost Hosting servers, provided You abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein and in each of DomHost policies and procedures.

We have own the sole rights to discontinue the services or deny access to anyone who fails to comply with the rules implemented by us, without any warning or prior notice. The payments received from the violating parties in such cases are also non-refundable.

Please read below terms and policy before purchasing shared hosting / VPS/Dedicated Servers / Email Marketing solution from us after registration/Purchase with us we do not hear anything from client and not refund amount those client paid for that. We reserve the rights to change in terms and conditions and policy without any notification to client.Client must be check terms and policy time to time

The Terms of use and Conditions and policies to be followed have been listed below

TERMS OF USE & Conditions
1. Misuse of the allotted server space, bandwidth etc. By the client will lead to reduction in the space and facility given.
2. Distribution of free email IDs to any person other than the ones related to the website owner or the company automatically gives DomHost the rights to decrease the number of email IDs provided. Incase of misuse of allotted email ID space, we will have the rights to reduce the space provided email Id.
3. All disputes are subject to Karjat (410201) Dist Raigad jurisdiction only.
4. Misuse of bandwidth will lead a client to be entitled for lesser bandwidth in future or account would be suspended.
5. Any illegal activity detected on a website will lead to sealing of the same by us with immediate effect, as per the IT rules laid out by the Indian and International IT Act.
6. If found client try to hack our srever or sending virus through our server or run any illegal activity those affect on server then we will immediate terminate account.
7. Customers are advised to maintain website and database backup on their home computers or stroage device to ensure that they have ready access to their data if our server may failure. However, such cases are rare in occurrence, but cannot be avoided sometimes.Email data must be download on local machine at outlookexpress.We are not taking backups of websites/database/email it�s all responsibility of website owners.If server down or crash or hack or any failures then we are not responsible for the lost of website data(database,email,reseller accounts) it�s all client responsibility to take backup their website data/contents/email from time to time.We do not maintain database of websites and site backup and email backup it�s all responsibility of website owner.(Clients and end user must be take backup time to time).
8 For safety reasons, we urge our customers not to divulge the password of their e-mail/hosting/ftp accounts to anyone. In cases where passwords and usernames are to be given to our employees, we suggest to change the password immediately. In every 7 days you have to change your all password for security.
9. Customers should also maintain their payment confirmation details that have been paid to us for activation of the orders. It is also advisable to maintain the backup of our first mail which has sent to you after activation of your order and contains your User ID and password. By using the details provided, we will be able to provide you Technical/Billing support and activation/renew/control panel/reset password facility etc.
10. If you have made the payment by the payment gateway and the payment gateway company has declared your payment as fraud then your account will be suspended and the domain name will be deleted immediately without any prior notice. if you are making the payment by offline once again or you are clearing your payment by speaking with payment gateway company then we will reactive the hosting and reregister the domain if the domain name is available. Reregistration and hosting activation will be done after getting the payment confirmation only. With in this time if the domain will registered by any other company then DomHost will not be liable or responsible for that loses.
11. For plan details and services provided by DomHost , please refer to the website as the most valid reference. Any commitment made by our employees over chat/phone/mail or by any other mode, which is not mentioned in our website, will not be abided.
12. We request to use our 1 day (5 Hours) trial before purchasing any hosting package. This will help to avoid post-purchase problems.
13. DomHost would like to announce that any one mis-behave or using abuse languages to our employee then we will suspend his/her account without any priority notice, and he will not get any refund and further support from DomHost any point of time. For this DomHost is not responsible. DomHost have full rights to take action against that client/visitor. Client/Visitor has to pay Rs.5000/- fine or penalty for each abuse word.
14. Please take the back up of all your data before changing Name Server (DNS) of your Domain. We will delete all your data automatically if you will change your Name Sever. To reduce server burden we will delete all data of the Domain which name server is not pointing to our server. So DomHost will not responsible for any loss of data if you changed Name Server for your Domain for single time also.
15. If any client is not using the hosting service from DomHost, then it is mandatory for the client to send the cancellation request to billing department by raising the ticket. Failing with the same DomHost will be charging the renewal amount.
16. If any technical issue happen with server then it�s possible to take some time to up the service so not sure exact time to up the services.
17. Renewal date of domain or web space should be remember by client.
18. Client always take care for their website contents like matter,database we are not responsible for any dispute for this.
19. With hosting services we provide Email,Readymade applications,Database these are FREE gift from our side and we are not resposible for this services if any damages or bugs or programming error.
20. Our service plans are designed to accommodate the majority of usage scenarios given the needs of our customers. However, your usage may vary and require additional allocations, specifically in the areas of storage and traffic.You must keep your email address updated within your cPanel, so that you may receive an email when your account reaches certain limits determined solely by our system, ie. bandwidth exceedment warning at 80% at which time you may contact us to purchase a higher transfer quota for your account. If you do not contact us, then system will be suspended your site (if your allotments exceed or high usage)
21. If, for any reason, DomHost detected that you are violating the terms or found in misbehave activities or talking against website to defect the reputation of company your account could be get suspend.
22. You can not offer free hosting it�s totally prohibited if found your account will be suspended or terminated without any notice.
23. You can not use hosting for filesharing scripts and Database or other purpose.
24. If you choose to engage in marketing your site and/or services via email please read the following.
The only permitted form of email marketing is that in which the list is �opt-in�. By definition, opt-in is where people provide you with their email address specifically requesting to be on your email list for information about your site and/or service. If we find your account transmitting email to persons that did not authorize such activity, that is grounds to suspend and terminate your site.
25. DomHost does not allow background Daemons such as IRC bots; eggdrop; BitchX; XiRCON; and any other program that interferes with normal server operation. No warez is allowed. Web proxies are not tolerated. This includes NPH-Proxy, and web proxy. If your site is found to hold any proxy files, your account will be suspended and the account holder will be issued a fee of $200 USD (9000 INR).
26. The client is responsible for all activities originating from the account unless proven to be a victim of outside hacking or address forgery. The client is responsible for securing their username/password. The client assumes responsibility for all material on their site that may be put on by a third party (such as the usage of Free For All links pages).
27. DomHost reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of this policy at any time without notice. DomHost reserves the rights to update/modify/delete/close for hosting packages and also the implement new one that must be applicable to old clients accounts package as well as new clients.If client not agree for that then he must move on other hosting server in that case money is not refundale.
28. We reserve the right to refuse, cancel, or suspend service at our sole discretion. An example of refusal of service is if an account continues to abuse our policies after warnings. Refusal, cancellation or suspension of services especially holds true to issues with spam or any script abuse. Another example of refusal of service is if a customer becomes very unreasonable, unprofessional, extremely difficult to work with or threatening. Said customer�s account will be suspended and we will recommend to the customer to find a new host and also not refund any amount that he paid to us.
29. Unlimited that mean you can not upload larger size of site data like images/database/web pages and high usage of email it will difficult to run your site on shared server.If found then will reduce resources in a limit mode.
30. Whatever the hosting and domain prices display on our website these are not always remain same we reserve the rights to upgrade or downgrade the prices for hosting and domain and other products / services also.
31. We do not support for any thirdparty applications(bugs/programming help) those install with help of softaculous by linux or dotnetpanel by windows.If we found any free plugins or resources put pressure on server or identify that in future it will create the problems then we will uninstall from server so if client uses this plugins or softwares for his website then it�s possible that his website will not work then we are not responsible for that.
32. We do not allow for bulk email if found that will suspend your account.
33. Client/Reseller must be maintain security of their account,Download email in outlookexpress,set strong password for database and email too.
34. If website not ping on our server IP then website immediate to suspend.
35. If server takes overload or server hack then it must to old server migrate with new server.It will take more time to complete the process to shift all old server accounts to new server.No time limit for migration.When migration process start user must download update data from old server time to time because after migration updated data or accounts not reflect on server.
36. Migration process some time fail to migrate accounts on new server that time we are not responsible for data loss.
37. If server accounts load heavy and not support for migration in that case we will create new account on new server and give 4 days time to shift all data from old server to new server.This all process done by user end only.
38. If data loss after migration then we are not responsible for that.user always take the backup time to time.
39. Migration is also possible when any server part damage or any technical problem.
40.Email send limit from linux and windows is only 100 email per day.
41.Moren than 100 email send is not allowed from linux and windows server.
42.If send more than 100 email and because of that IP if listed in black list then account immediate to suspend and take leagal action.
43.Pirated MP3/Softwares/tools not allowed to store on server and also the freeware tool/software/songs too.If this found then it�s responsibility for client.
44.Nulled softwares/scripts/tools not allowed on server if found then immediate to terminate account without notice.
45.If account usage acquire more than 2% cpu process then immediate to account suspend without any prior notice.
46.We provide WHM and Dotnet control panel for maintain hosting account if found that user put high values in bandwidth/space/database/email size then immediate to suspend account without prior notice.
47.If we found any website or account in control panel in suspend mode then it�s all responsibility for client to take action in 4 days if not taken then the account/website will remove from control panel and we are not responsible for that.
48.our Linux and windows server is not design for Portal or big site host so user must take precaution to host this sites.


Unlimited feature
We do not give any guarantee for unlimited features.At your own risk you can purchase these feature accounts.If unlimited features put pressure on server then it will reduce/decrease from account and it�s all responsibility for user if any data loss.

Llimited feature
We do not give any assurance and guarantee that limited features will work better.At your own risk you can purchase these feature accounts.If limited features put pressure on server then it will reduce/decrease from account and it�s all responsibility for user if any data loss.

Account Usage
If we found account usage high then account will be suspend.

As consideration for DomHost providing the hosting service hereunder.Customer agree to pay DomHost the aggregate Monthly /Quarterly and Yearly FEE as per hosting services of terms selects.

Refund :
Once paid amount then amount is not refundable.(same also apply on cancellation account).In any circumstances money is not refundable.
If buyer pay by paypal with auto payment to us and after close account if amount auto debit fro his paypal account and reach to us in our local bank then we do not resposible for that and we assume that you are interested to continue your service.
If buyer purposly file a case in paypal for return payment after use our any services then he must pay us 500$.
International Payment gateway like moneybookers,paypal use only by non indian clients if any indian uses this payment gateway for makeing payment then if tomorrow any issue happen then we are not responsible for return payment.

DomHost agrees to provide technical support by email to customer and also by online support system during DomHost is normal technical support hours will provide customer.If more support tickts in a que then it�s possble to take more time to answer your query.
Telephonic support not available for everyone those client purchase telephonic support only those client calls will accept.

Storage and Security:
At all times, You shall bear full risk of loss and damage to Your web site and all of Your web site content. You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your password and account information. You acknowledge and agree that You are solely responsible for all acts, omissions and use under and charges incurred with Your account or password or in connection with the Site or any of Your web site content displayed, linked, transmitted through or stored on the Server.We do not maintain database of websites and site backup and email backup it�s all responsibility of website owner.(Clients and end user must be take backup time to time). You shall be solely responsible for undertaking measures to:
i. prevent any loss or damage to Your web site content;
ii.maintain independent archival and backup copies of Your web site content;
iii. ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of all Your web site content transmitted through or stored on DomHost servers
iv.ensure the confidentiality of Your password. DomHost servers and hosting services are not an archive and DomHost shall have no liability to You or any other person for loss, damage or destruction of any of Your content.

Abuse of SMTP Mail Server:
If any of the email id will be misuse the mail server then we will suspended his hosting account.[100 Email send per day]

Network security:
In case of any tampering done to our network security, we will take an immediate action against the respective hosting account.

Spam: Unsolicited commercial advertisements (spam) are not allowed in e-mail IDs and may result in cancellation of the account.

Abuse of Traffic:
If any customer violates the company�s policies in site transfer or misuse of bandwidth, DomHost can decrease its allotted Traffic quota or suspended his account with out any prior notice.

Abuse of Space:
As per our policies, at least 90% of your web pages (HTML) must be �Linked� with files (.GIF, .JPEG, etc.) which is stored in our server. Web space must not be used by your visitor for free upload, SEO heavy size file. Web sites containing a large number of unlinked files or using server space for data storing propose are subject to deletion of files otherwise we will cancellation the account without prior notice. Customers can not run IRC, bots or clients on servers.

Customers are also prohibited from running Bulk Emailing, Unsolicited Emailing, Newsgroup Spamming, Pornographic Content,Escorts sites, Illegal Content, Copyright Infringement, Trademark Infringement, Warez, Cracks, and Software Serial Numbers.

If we found one anything above then your whole account will suspend and terminate from server immedatly.

Webdesign and SEO work:
If customer not paid balance or whole amount for web design work or SEO work then we reserve the rights to block customer site.We do not provide website Main source code only provide final output of website.if you user want source code of the website they pay extra amount.We reserve all programming rights for every web design like static and dynamic.
For SEO work it takes some time that your website will be showing in search engine with particular word and if the word is so common then not possible to listing your site in search engine in a short period or may be not listed.

If you have any questions about this Terms of use and policies then contact to support[at]domhost.in ..